Mikkola Minna


Senior Researcher. University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute

Участие в играх

Экспертное мнение:

My business is food system research and we are having this StratKIT project which deals with public procurement and catering service providers in countries of the Baltic Sea. We look for public procurement as a developer of food systems, so we look for more ecological food, we look for healthy food, and most of all, tasty food, – so that the children or young people get good nutrition and they also learn about ecology. Here we pool our competencies, we share the competencies, and we co-create better services in each of these countries according to their own societal trajectories. So that is the business of StratKIT.

Here, in St. Petersburg, we have a very interesting approach in StratKIT which is the Game of Goals. I would say this is unique in the way it engages young people, gives them a voice and they can participate in the development of the food system together with catering service providers and public procurers. I think this is quite unique, because mainly catering services is an industry which does not look that much individual young people’s voices and interests. So here we learn something what the young people want to have.

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