Krutoy Dmitry


Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety. Acting Head of the department of external relations and environmental education

Участие в играх

Экспертное мнение:

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals are becoming increasingly important, so this year we have been paying particular attention to the promotion of SDGs in St. Petersburg.

Today, the core SDGs event is this wonderful game called GAME OF GOALS, which is held as part of the Youth Platform “Sustainable World: Leaders of the Future” and supported by St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Use.

We are glad such an idea was born in St. Petersburg! This is a real chance for youth to develop projects to help tackle practical challenges. The projects can later become the basis for implementing such decisions at the government level to put these ideas into practice.

Let’s hope these breakthrough ideas could help achieve the SDGs!

* * *

The players are divided into six teams, each of which deals with the certain Sustainable Development Goals. Each team develops a small project that benefits for a country they select. The players are given great powers – each player on the team is a minister: Minister of Health, Minister of the Environment, etc. So, this is a golden opportunity both to draw an overall picture and focus on a particular issue while playing GAME OF GOALS.

The game results, first of all, greatly contribute to environmental education. But on the other hand, we, state and local government officials… we can also apply the project outcomes to our activity. Speaking of the city or municipality level, we can already do our best to apply them, because new ideas never hurt. Maybe this is unlikely to lead to a change in strategy papers, but some points, let’s say, green procurement, can be implemented right now.

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